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Sir William Ramsay School

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This sets out how the Academy organises admissions to the school through the Local Authority (LA) coordinated admission scheme at Buckinghamshire County Council. Please click here for more information.

All admission authorities must have admission rules determined in advance of the allocation, which are used when there are more applications for a school than places available. If there are more preferences for a place at Sir William Ramsay School than can be met, places are allocated to applicants in the order of priority:

Admission Criteria for Sir William Ramsay School

Where eligible applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied in the order set out below to decide which potential student to admit:

  1. Children in care - Children who have Sir William Ramsay School on their Statement of Educational Need
  2. For the main point of admission: siblings of students in Years 7 to 12 who are on the roll of the academy at the time allocations are made. For casual admission after the normal point of entry: siblings of children who are in Years 7-13 at the time of admission
  3. Children living in the priority area of the academy. See Buckinghamshire County Council website
  4. Proximity of the child's home to Sir William Ramsay School using a straight-line distance from the main entrance of the school on Rose Avenue to the main door of the residence, with those living nearest to the school being given priority. Apartments in the same block will be treated equally with measurement taken to the main entrance to the block

Where the academy can take some, but not all, of the children who qualify under one of these rules, priority will be given to children by taking account of the next rule (or rules) in the numbered list to decide who has priority for places

The rules comply with the mandatory requirements of the School Admissions Code. They were subject to the appropriate consultation period as required and were not subjected to any subsequent referral to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator by any other admission authority.

The Admission Number (AN) for each Year 7-9 is 195, Year 10-11 is 165 and the planned overall capacity of the Academy is 1055 in the age range 11-18 as set out in the Funding Agreement with the Department for Education (DfE). This number reflects the physical capacity of the school, and recognises the need to make optimum use of the accommodation and teaching resources. It also takes into consideration other relevant factors such as the shape and mix of buildings and classrooms.

There is also a planned point of admission at Year 12 where the AN is 5 (minimum number).

Catchment Area

The distance used for allocation purposes is the straight line distance between a pupil's normal home address and Sir William Ramsay School, and is measured by computer using the LA's geographical information system.

The straight line distance measured will start at the point on the network that is closest to the centre of the property (taken from the Ordnance Survey Address Point file) and will end at the main entrance of the school on Rose Avenue. The home to school measurement is currently used purely in admission rules as a `tie breaker' - as one of the rules used to determine the order of the allocation/waiting lists and hence which children should be allocated places at schools. All applications are measured using the same methodology. Apartments in the same block will be treated equally with measurement taken to the main entrance to the block.

Waiting List

When a place cannot be offered initially, parents can ask for their child's name to be included on the school's waiting list, which is used to allocate any places that become free. The waiting list is held in admission rules order. A child can move up or down the waiting list depending on how the rules apply to those joining or leaving. Parents can ask for their child to be included on more than one school's waiting list.

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Please click here to access Bucks County Council's page for information. 

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