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Sir William Ramsay School

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Department Staff


Ms M Aberson

Associate Assistant Headteacher Leader of Science (Maternity leave)

Mr C Carter

Acting  Headteacher

Mr C Bailey

Acting Head of Department

Ms P Patterson


Miss G Roser


Mr D Mohan


Mrs G Kirk

Teacher (Maternity leave)

Mrs S Woodcraft

Teacher (Maternity leave)

Mr A Law


Miss T Hassan


Miss R Schofield


Miss M Christy


Miss S Milsom



  Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 3

The Science curriculum at Key Stage 3 builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills that pupils have developed at Key Stage 2. We follow a bespoke Scheme of Work to prepare students for Key Stage 4, whilst sparking enthusiasm and developing practical skills. The topics covered will develop understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics as well as the investigative, analytical and communication skills that are vital for scientists at all stages of their work.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students follow a range of courses to suit their particular needs. We currently offer the following course:

BTEC Health and Social Care
GCSE Core Science
GCSE Core and Additional Science
GCSE Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Key Stage 5

We currently offer the following Post-16 courses:

A Level Biology
A Level Chemistry
A Level Physics
BTEC Science
BTEC Health and Social Care

After school clubs or Activities:

Key Stage Three Science Club (Years 7 and 8) runs every Wednesday from 3-4pm in C1

Resources: (Key Stage 3 Science) (GCSE Science) (GCSE and A Level Science)  (GCSE Science, A Level Biology and A Level Chemistry)  (A Level Physics A)

A number of Science teachers have channels on YouTube, which can be useful for parents/carers to find out more about what pupils are studying at GCSE, as well as an excellent revision tool for pupils.

The following are examples of these that we recommend:


At Sir William Ramsay School, we seek to extend students’ scientific knowledge at every opportunity and are committed to ensuring that all pupils get the best from their Science education. We have high expectations for all our pupils, both in work and behaviour.


Sir William Ramsay School Science Department is well resourced, and supported by dedicated staff and technicians. The Science Department can confidently deliver all the practical work that Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 demands, plus many other extra practical experiments.

Student Expectations

- Good attendance

- Complete homework and coursework on time

- Pen, pencil, ruler, scientific calculator for every lesson

- Ask for help/clarification when unsure

- A little bit of revision often

At Sir William Ramsay School, the safety of the pupils is extremely important. Each laboratory is equipped with aprons and safety goggles for all the students. In addition, each classroom teacher will also carry out a risk assessment for each lesson. Furthermore, Sir William Ramsay School’s Science department are affiliated to CLEAPSS which is an advisory service providing support in Science for local authorities and their schools. CLEAPSS specifically addresses:

. health and safety including model risk assessments,
. chemicals, living organisms, equipment,
. sources of resources,
. laboratory design, facilities and fittings,
. technicians and their jobs.