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Year 11 - Study Leave, Exam Expectations & Important Dates

Dear Parent/Carer and Year 11 Students

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Year 11 study leave will begin as of Thursday 17th May. On this day following the Science exam in the morning Year 11 students will stay for their leaver’s assembly, to celebrate their time and achievements at Sir William Ramsay School. Following this there will be the opportunity for students to say their goodbyes and shirt signing to take place. Once this is completed students will be asked to leave the school site at 1pm.

Timetabled lessons will still be running up until the exam for that subject has been completed; these lessons are optional for students should they wish to attend.   All students will have sat their final exams by Friday 15th June.  If students are coming back to school to attend lessons, then normal school expectations and policies are still to be followed, and students must be in full school uniform.  If students are attending timetabled lessons in school, so that we are aware of who is on school site, we ask that they sign in and out using the student register that will be placed in student reception.

In some cases, Heads of Departments will be requesting that targeted students attend their timetabled lessons to support them in the run up until their exam. Students who have not yet completed their BTEC coursework must attend every lesson until it is completed, with all paperwork having been signed off and agreed by their teacher. The final date of submission of all BTEC coursework is Friday 25th May; however, some subjects have set earlier deadlines and students should be aware of these. 

There will be a number of revision sessions on offer to students in the run up to the exams. Sessions after school will continue to run and where there are exams in the mornings there will be breakfast revision sessions with classes being held by departments at lunchtime in preparation for afternoon exams.  Finally, there will be revision classes throughout the half term for subjects with exams which follow the half term break.  There is a list outlining all the details of the additional revision sessions and lessons attached hereto.  Students are reminded to follow the designated Year 11 Instagram page @swr_year11 for any updates in case of room or timing changes.

When students arrive in school for an exam, there is no need for them to sign in at reception as students will be registered in the examination hall by the invigilators. Students are reminded to arrive in plenty of time ahead of their exams; it is suggested students plan to arrive 15 minutes beforehand to give plenty of time for final preparations. Again, it is a requirement that all students wear full and correct uniform for their exams.  Please note that students may not be allowed to enter the exam if they are not wearing the correct uniform. Students are also reminded that they may not have mobile phones/electronic watches with data storage (eg. Apple watches) on them during examinations.  All mobile phones should be switched off and either left outside the exam hall or handed into invigilators as they enter the exams hall.  Any student found to have their mobile phone on them during the exam, either switched on or off, is breaking exam rules and will be banned from any further exams of that examination board.

As of Tuesday 8th May, students will return to their original form groups in preparation for their exams. This will be to offer students more pastoral support ahead of their exams, in what will no doubt be a stressful time.  

Post Examination Information

After their final exam on the 15th June students will no longer be permitted to attend any lessons.  If a student wishes to come back to school to speak to a member of staff, they must sign in at the main school reception and wait to be invited on to the school grounds.

On Friday 6th July the Year 11 Prom will take place at Wycombe Wanderers Football Club. This will be an excellent occasion and a great opportunity to celebrate your son’s/daughter’s time here at Sir William Ramsay School.

GCSE results will be available in the main Foyer in the Performing Arts building on Thursday 23rd August, from 9:30am. All students need to collect their results or to inform the school if they are not available on this date so that alternative provision can be made. If students wish to have results posted to them at home, then they will need to inform the school and provide the school’s Examinations Officer with a stamped addressed envelope.

On this day Miss Le Count and her staff will be available to support and enrol students who have applied to stay on at Sir William Ramsay School Sixth Form. A member of staff from Adviza will be available from 9:30am - 12:30pm to offer advice on next steps and future options for students who are unsure of their next placement following their exam results.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Year 11 students the best of luck over the next few weeks.  If you have any questions, then please contact me at school either via email at or via the main school telephone.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Mr D Thomas
Academic Leader for Year 11