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Sir William Ramsay School

Empowering Everyone to Achieve

Curriculum Intent

Our school curriculum has been designed around our school values, paying attention to the students and families whom we serve.  Our central aim is to meet their needs and aspirations, allowing our students to develop socially and academically, during their time at Sir William Ramsay School.  By doing this, we are helping to create the citizens and society of the future. 

We see the curriculum as the progression of a broad mix of experiences gained by our students from blended learning lessons, assemblies and extra-curricular opportunities to wider ones linked to raising aspirations.  

Broadly speaking our curriculum intent encompasses the following:  

  • Dignity, respect and equality. 

  • Self-belief, challenge and aspiration. 

  • Deep and rich knowledge and skills acquisition. 

  • Realignment following partial school closures and Covid Lockdowns. 

Leading to independent young people living safely in the modern world and preparing for their futures. 

All curriculum planning and implementation is continually monitored and evaluated so as to ensure that the curriculum entitlement is accessible to those with disabilities or special educational needs, reflecting the schools aims, values and policies and to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and SEND regulations 2014.

 Years 7, 8 and 9 Intent 

The intention of Years 7, 8 and 9 is to build on Primary School experience and for students to start to think about their individual strengths and their possible future life choices. 

To do this we offer: 

  • A broad and balanced academic and creative experience and wide range of subjects. 

  • The mastery of skills, knowledge and understanding focused on depth and addressing any gaps (academic and social) due to partial school closures and Lockdowns. 

  • Aspiration for all but especially our students with particular needs. 

  • Literacy and numeracy acceleration. 

  • Stretch and challenge focused on independence and “Thinking Hard”. 

  • The instilling of our core values. 

  • Support with contemporary and Covid issues - safety, mental health, life in modern Britain 

  • Extra-curricular opportunities including leadership opportunities. 

  • Preparation for next steps into Years 10 and 11. 

Years 10 and 11 Intent 

The intention of Years 10 and 11 is to build on Years 7, 8 and 9, for students to succeed academically and creatively to be able to make informed decisions on their future learning and career pathways and be prepared for life as young adults. 

To do this we offer: 

  • A broad range of examined curriculum opportunities. 

  • Aspirations for all but especially for our students with particular needs. 

  • A continued focus on the importance of Maths, English and the Sciences. 

  • A focus on addressing gaps in knowledge due to partial school closures. 

  • Stretch and challenge for all through “Thinking Hard”. 

  • A focus on successful learning through memory, practice, revision and independence. 

  • Further development of contemporary and Covid issues and preparation for safe life in modern Britain and society. 

  • Extra-curricular opportunities including leadership to develop social skills lost due to partial school closures and Lockdowns. 

  • Preparation for next steps in learning - careers and education advice. 

Years 12 and 13 Intent 

The intention of our Sixth Form is to build on GCSE success and not only to create the citizens of the future, but to build the society of the future. We want our students to be well-rounded, marketable, independent and successful individuals. 

To do this we offer: 

  • A range of academic and vocational qualifications to enable students to pursue their interests and set the foundation for their future aspirations. 

  • Leadership development where every student achieves a recognised and valued Level 2 qualification in leadership. 

  • A work experience programme which allows students to gain insight into the places of work which are relevant to their Level 3 courses and future aspirations. 

  • Each student has a personalised learning plan which recognises for each their unique process of learning, development, progression and addresses any issues due to partial school closures or Lockdowns. 

  • Each student has the opportunity to make a difference in the whole school and wider community. 

  • Enrichment activities focused on aspirations, future choices, life skills and contemporary issues. 

  • Emotional, mental health and academic support at the core of all that we do especially due to Lockdowns.