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Sir William Ramsay School

Empowering Everyone to Achieve

Design & Technology


Department Staff

Mr P Rodgers

Head of Design Technology & Art Faculty, Teacher of Product Design  & Engineering

Mr W Rodbourne

Deputy Head of Design Technology & Art Faculty, Teacher of Art & Photography

Miss C Gunter

Teacher of Art, Textiles & Product Design

Mrs J Hawes

Teacher of Food Prep & Nutrition

Mrs F Lock

Teacher of Product Design, Food Prep & Nutrition, Textiles & Art

Mr T MacMillan

Teacher of Product Design & Engineering

Mrs J Pitt

Teacher of Textiles and Food Prep & Nutrition

Mr A Correy

Product Design & Engineering Technician

Mrs J Tompkins

Textiles and Food Prep & Nutrition Technician

Curriculum Overview

Design & Technology

Food Technology

Product Design


What our Years 7, 8 & 9 Data Drop Grade Descriptors mean.

Tech has a 12-Week Rotation.

Year 7 Design Technology

Year 7 Food

Year 7 Product Design

Year 7 Textiles

Year 8 Design Technology

Year 8 Food

Year 8 Product Design

Year 8 Textiles

Year 9 Food

Year 9 Product Design

Year 9 Textiles

Curriculum Intent 

Design and Technology 

While studying Design & Technology at Sir William Ramsay School, student will learn and develop a range of skills wholly relevant to living in the modern world.  We design our curriculum so that from the very beginning students are challenged to be creative, think logically and understand the ongoing developments in technology and the way it influences our lives.  Literacy and numeracy relevant to everyday tasks is embedded throughout as we prepare students to continue to tackle real life problems with creative and effective solutions.

Food Technology

Our Students will develop essential life skills which are relevant to the wider world through preparing and cooking a wide range of foods.  We design our curriculum so that our students can master the essential skills whilst underpinning a valuable knowledge of nutrition and how this affects our health.

Alongside this the students are encouraged to develop their numeracy and literacy skills through reading recipes and measuring ingredients.  Our intent is to provide every student with the opportunity to work as a team and encourage leadership and organisational skills within the home as well as the workplace.