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Sir William Ramsay School

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this programme start, and which year groups does it affect?

Our programme will be rolling out in a phased way from early 2022 to Key Stage 3 year groups.

Why can’t laptop devices for every student be purchased by the school?

We would love to fund the purchasing of devices, unfortunately the school budget is not adequate to cover the cost of devices for every learner at SWR.

The School are investing heavily (over £100k) in the technical ecosystem required to make this programme a success, as well as working with teachers and students to ensure proper and effective use of devices.

We are working with a specialist education leasing partner to ensure as much flexibility as possible and are committed to doing what we can to make the scheme fair and equitable.

What if I cannot afford to participate in the device scheme for my child?

We are committed to take every step possible to ensure that our device scheme is equitable so that no student is disadvantaged in any way.

If you have any concerns about the affordability of the programme we will ensure there is an opportunity before the programme launches for you to discuss this with us. We will treat each case with consideration and discretion to ensure an equitable scheme.

What if I have more than one child at the school?

The school appreciates that supporting devices for more than one child at the school can be challenging. We are committed to supporting students and their families with flexibility in payments to ensure affordability and equitability across the entire school community.

We appreciate that families with multiple students in school may find it more difficult to adopt the device purchasing scheme. If you feel this affects you, we will ensure there is an opportunity before the programme launches for you to discuss this with us. We are committed to ensure the programme is accessible and equitable to all, regardless of circumstances.

I have just bought my child a new laptop, can they use this rather than needing to purchase another one from the school?

The school will provide a minimum specification for devices and software to support learning and providing the device meets these requirements then these devices may be used. However, there will be no school provided technical support may be limited and it will remain the full responsibility of the student / parents. A device through our scheme will include technical support, insurance cover, warranty and repairs.

What if I have no internet at home or poor connectivity?

For families with low/poor internet connectivity or no access to internet at home, please come forward and discuss with the School.

There are a number of government support schemes for internet / connectivity at home to support learning. The school IT Support team will be more than happy to provide help and guidance on these schemes as well as general connectivity technical questions.

How are the school supporting this programme to ensure devices are effectively used and worth the investment?

We have planned a 12-month programme of investment in our school network infrastructure, including a complete refresh of the school Wi-Fi hardware, to ensure a fully connected school and pave the way for the next 5-10 years of digital learning at SWR.

Our school leadership and IT teams have carefully planned the programme, with the support of experienced external partners. We are also investing in ongoing Continuing Professional Development for our teachers and support staff to ensure a smooth roll out and effective use of technology.

What laptop device options will be made available?

The school will be working in collaboration with leading hardware manufacturers (HP, Fujitsu, Dell etc) to choose a laptop device specifically designed for learning and parental leasing schemes.

How will you ensure my child cannot access inappropriate or unsafe content on the internet?

While at school and connected to the school Wi-Fi / internet, the School will adopt internet filtering tools to manage access to safe and appropriate content. Our ongoing programme of digital safeguarding advice, guidance and support will continue to promote responsible use of technology for all learners. Our goal will be to educate students on the safe and appropriate use of technology at home and outside of the school environment.

Can my child use their device for personal things when at home, such as web browsing, gaming and social media?

We want students to feel ownership and responsibility for their devices. Students can use their device for personal use while at home. An acceptable use policy co-constructed with the students will be in place to protect both the integrity and security of the devices during their use at SWR. Our programme will also promote and encourage digital citizenship. Rather than imposing restrictive, ‘top-down’ controls, we will take an approach based on education and guidance to promote proper, responsible use.