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Department Staff

Mr J Stone

 Teacher of literacy

Supporting your child in their writing

What do we expect all students to have as a foundation in literacy?

  • Apostrophes are used for possessions (belonging to) or omission (letters missed out) e.g.
    Jack’s (singular possession)
    The six brothers’ coats (multiple possessions)
    Isn’t (omission)
    Apostrophes are never used for plurals e.g. tables
  • Commas are used for lists e.g. apples, pears, oranges
    Commas separate clauses in complex sentences e.g. the car, which was two years old, had considerably devalued.
  • Colons are placed between two main clauses in cases where the second clause explains or follows from the first e.g. That is the secret of my extraordinary life: always do the unexpected.
  • Semi Colons can replace a full stop if the writer wishes to develop the first point between two closely linked sentences e.g. Call me tomorrow; you can give me an answer then.

When supporting your son/ daughter with writing:

  •  Are they able to use simple punctuation accurately? e.g. full stops, commas, apostrophes, capital letters
  • Do they understand how and when to use paragraphs in their writing?
  • Can they use connectives effectively to show cohesion in a piece of writing?
  • Do they correctly spell the key terms in each subject?
  • Do they understand how to structure an extended answer in your subject?
  •  Are the able to subordinate sentences accurately?